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About Me

A little something about me as seen by my colleague, Andrew DePoy.

I am…Raul

For many, the ability to remain calm and focused in the midst of multiple deadlines and a storm of chaos is deemed an admirable trait. For Raul, it is more than a trait, it is just how he operates. His uncanny knack for juggling multiple projects and delivering stellar work in difficult times has garnered the admiration and respect of all his co-workers.

Raul is an engaged and connected expert in many critical areas. All of our clients benefit from his passion and skills for producing videos and animations, digital marketing content, and interactive experiences. His on-time and on-target deliverables make him both a trusted ally and valued partner inside and outside of our agency.

As our most senior developer of digital, interactive, and motion content, Raul supports all our practice areas. He develops creative concepts, illustrates their execution in storyboards and wireframes, and directs and executes as prescribed. He has the expertise to understand what is possible in different mediums and to relay what can be done and how it will work.

Raul grew up in the small farming community of Huron, CA, several miles South of Fresno. Later, he moved to Davis, CA, just West of Sacramento for college and then settled in the San Francisco area to begin his professional career in computers and multimedia design. He loves photography, playing video games, and especially enjoys time with his wife and kids doing fun things outdoors.

Prior to joining Kiterocket, Raul worked as a UX designer for Dubberly Design Office in San Francisco. Before that, he worked a few different design jobs as an undergrad. In addition, he taught Algebra 1 classes for three straight summers to advanced youth students, teaching a full year of algebra in six weeks.

Raul graduated from the University of California at Davis with a B.A. in visual communications. He later received his Master’s of Fine Arts from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco.